Gouwsberg Tulis Stud

Gouwsberg Tulis Stud was established in 1996. Farm Klipeiland in Bronkhorstspruit is the home of Gouwsberg Tuli Stud. Just about 40 km east of Pretoria and 60 km south of Johannesburg, Gouwsberg Tulis is situated in a very convenient location, with easy access to National roads as well as the N4 Highway.
The first commercial herd was purchased in September 1996 from our neighboring farms.
The cattle herd was basically a mixture between bovelder, Brahman and limousin cattle. After intense study with the aim on improving the basis herd, we decided to focus on good managing practices, reduction of inset cost and most importantly the correct breed which will stand the test of time on the sour veld of Bronkhorstspruit.

Because we're part time farmers it was in our best interest to farm with a low maintenance indigenous breed. After months of traveling and research we eventually ended up on the farm Blomvlei of Mr Stefan Weltz in tonteldoos. We immediately noticed these beautiful, well-tempered animals with yellow skin and polled heads. One could not help to notice the muscularity of the bulls and in retrospect the femininity of the cows. The bulls were very keen to come and greet us and we fell in love with the Tuli breed and all its contributes.

Not to waste any more time, the first 2 bulls named Jumbo and Boomerang were introduced onto our farm in 1997. It was amazing how big of an impact the Tuli gene carried over into the progeny. More than 80% calves were born polled with small ears. Making the Tuli bull the best dehorning iron in the world.

After only one season we were so impressed with the Tuli breed, we decided to invest in more Tuli bulls in 1999 from the National auction at Willem Prinsloo museum. We invested in 4 Tuli bulls from the Jambo stud in Zimbabwe. That was the start of our very own Tuli herd.

Gouwsberg Tulis was registered with SA Studbook in 2009. We have been breeding with dedicated breeding standards, and with the help of performance testing the herd has grown from strength to strength.
Our mission is to breed fertile, strong and hardy cattle for the beef and commercial farming industry in Africa.
We aim to please our customers to supply them only the best breeding bulls with the best values and EBV's. With that in mind our bulls go through an intense performance testing schedule to select only the best genetic results for our customers.
Our females are strongly selected for fertility, milk production and constitution on the veld.
A lovely low maintenance breed with excelent fertility with the ability to shrive under extensive conditions. Tuli cattle is the best business partner any farmer can invest in.

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